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KARTPLEX: Where Cannabis Entrepreneurs and Racing Legends Unite for an Adrenaline-Charged Experience

Get ready for an electrifying Okanagan adventure that'll make your heart race and your adrenaline soar!

Picture this: you're deep in the heart of BC Bud Country, and you've just discovered the ultimate thrill-seeking haven – KARTPLEX at Area 27 Motorsports Park, designed by none other than Canada's racing legend, Jacques Villeneuve!

But hold on, this is no ordinary amusement park ride; it's a state-of-the-art kart racing complex nestled in the stunning South Okanagan. We're talking about serious machines here – the kind that goes at mind-blowing speeds! Can you feel the excitement building?

Cannabis entrepreneurs going kart racing
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And guess who invited us to this adrenaline-pumping paradise? None other than Okanagan cannabis entrepreneur and Olympic gold medal snowboarder, Ross Rebagliati! He's sponsored by GreenPlanet Nutrients, adding an extra layer of intensity to the experience.

So before I left Penticton with part of my film crew (my son) I stopped at Cannabis Cottage to pick up a pack of Organic Mango Gold by Ross’ Gold which is the new brand dropped into the regulated market by Ross Rebagliati. Ross works with craft micro-producers from BC to grow some of the cleanest greenest bud on the market. Ask for it at your local dispo!

Before we hit the track, we geared up and got a rundown of the safety rules from the expert Robbie. Then, the moment arrived – I hopped into kart #37, bid farewell to my film crew (aka my awesome family), and hit the pedal to the metal!

Zooming through the track, my heart was pounding as I hugged those hairpin corners and felt the surge of acceleration on the straightaways. It was a rush like no other! We got to trial the new on-board camera system so you can watch your best lap after the race is over.

But it wasn't just about the heart-pounding excitement; KARTPLEX offers an array of opportunities for everyone. Whether you're a pro racer looking for high-performance karts or a beginner seeking private lessons, this place has it all. Kids can even join the summer racing camps and learn invaluable driving skills from seasoned pros.

Getting a helmet on for racing karts
Kartplex in Oliver, BC is a state of the art racing facility

The entire experience takes place within the breathtaking Area 27 Motorsports Park, a world-class circuit, designed by none other than the legendary Jacques Villeneuve. Imagine yourself immersed in the Grand Prix lifestyle, surrounded by luxurious amenities fit for motorsport enthusiasts.

As the sun set on our high-intensity adventure, I dropped off my film crew and then cruised into town where I indulged in the best that Oliver has to offer – a mouthwatering sammie from Big Al's Bakery and a serene picnic by the river in Kiwani's Park, accompanied by the tantalizing aroma of Organic Mango Gold and the refreshing Blue Bevvie from Kalieda.

So, are you ready to rev up your engines and feel the rush of speed at KARTPLEX? Don't wait any longer – this heart-pumping journey awaits you just a short drive from Penticton. Get ready for the ride of a lifetime!

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