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BCCFC urges the Provincial Government to develop a unified strategy for cannabis tourism

"As regards to the tourism sector, I think there is real potential, obviously farm gate sales as well, but it’s also a case of not just farm gate by itself but in combination with all the other things that are here. I talk to people, they are excited about tying it into the wine industry for example or with other Indigenous and nature tourism. The opportunity to experience a wide-range of activities our province has to offer. We need to put in place smart regulation that reduce some of the barriers that make the industry viable, profitable like wine has done with vineyard tours." - Deputy Premier Mike Farnworth

Birds-eye view of Kelowna, BC at sunset
Advocates in BC are calling on the Provincial government to create a "made in BC" cannabis tourism industry

British Columbia has been the epicentre of cannabis culture in Canada for decades. While the roll-out of legalization since 2018 has been fraught with unnecessary and damning regulatory challenges, advocates have been working tirelessly to redirect the course and build an abundant and prosperous industry.

The BC Craft Farmer's Co-op is a leading advocacy voice for producers, processors, and ancillary businesses since its establishment in 2019 although many directors, volunteers, and members have been doing advocacy work for decades.

They have recently published a letter sent to the Hon. Laura Popham, BC's Minister of Tourism "urging your government to produce a coordinated made-in BC cannabis tourism strategy with our members, Indigenous agencies and other sector partners." Please read the letter here.

Explore Okanagan Cannabis is proud to be a founding member of the BC Craft Farmer's Co-op. Even before EOC began, our founder Jaimie was moved to be a member from its inception even though she had no real stake in the industry yet. The values, mission, and people associated with the Co-op moved her to join and support a part of a powerful voice in the industry and now she is thrilled to be part of the tourism movement.


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